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Hi. I'm Rosie.

Stories and history have always gone together for me. I said my first word in Brighton Museum, where my father worked. I was completely obsessed with tales of worlds long ago and far away: films, plays, books, graphic novels... Everything I could lay my hands on.


I've always been lucky enough to earn my living by writing one way or another. I became a journalist, and then a researcher in a university. But I never lost my love of history. After an encounter with the Antikythera Mechanism, I became fascinated with the Hellenistic world it came from. So began a journey towards writing and publishing books that take us off the beaten path of history.

I want to tell stories I believe in and get them to people who'll love them. I'm proud to write things that are unusual and full of fiendish schemes, big ideas and dark humour. I love working with brilliant designers, illustrators and lots of others to tell tales in fresh ways and make reading an unforgettable experience.


Sharing stories with others is the reason I do this, so do say hi.

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