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The World of The Very Wolf

The Very Wolf is set on the shores of the Black Sea in what is now Turkey, during a war between the Roman Republic and the Kingdom of Pontos in 89 BC.


Pontos was one of the few empires to seriously challenge the rise of Rome. A fascinating blend of Greek, Persian and local cultures, it was home to some of the Ancient World's most brilliant scientists, philosophers and soldiers.

But Pontos was part of something even bigger. The Hellenistic world that flourished in the Middle East and North Africa after Alexander the Great's wars was huge, dangerous and diverse, and modern art and science would not exist without this melting pot of religions, cultures and ideas.


On this blog I will explain the history behind my story and the inspiration for my characters. I'll talk about how I've gone about writing historical fiction and the ethics, pitfalls and pleasures of that. I've also pulled together a Bibliography for those of you who want to explore Hellenistic Pontos in more depth.

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